I would like them to stay together.ACA register.. (2) Monster Pets 86 Pet Stores " hamster, rabbit, snake, needs. Please have supplies ready before this time. Find Small & Furry Animals for Sale in Lancaster, PA on Oodle Classifieds. My hubby and I unexpectedly found ourselves foster parents to children we had mentored. she comes with a cage, bedding, a small bag of food and a hamster ball!View Detail, I have one hamster it is a female and it is mainly black with a little calico color to her. 3. Therefore, its important to ask about the parents of a hamster youre looking at. Homegrown HamstersProviding Alaskans with tame Syrian hamsters while following IHANAs breeder code closely. If youre buying a hamster from a breeder, you should expect to pay more if you were to go to a large pet store. FREE With Condition, 4 Cats They Are 2 Year Old Now, Born In June. Do you want a hamster sooner but do not want to support rodent mills? Everyone I spoke to were very nice.more. Hamster TracksBreeding hamsters since 1994, Hamster Tracks is one of the best hamsteries out there with very knowledgable owners. logo-consumer Cages should be plenty large enough to provide ample room to run around (at least 450 square inches), a quality running wheel should be present, there should be several toys in the cage, and healthy hamster food and water should always be present. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Working on taming them down . Ethical hamster breeders work to improve the species as a whole, striving for each litter to be healthier than the last. Today, we are a small hamstery giving adopters an ethical alternative to pet store hamsters which are sourced through rodent mills. All breeders are listed by Species and State for a very organized and easy viewing directory. These sweet hamsters are ready to find a new loving Hamster - Female Hamsters - Small - Young - Female COME VISIT ME AT PETCO IN Hamster - Francesca - Small - Adult - Female - Small & Furry Dwarf hamsters can use a 20 gallon long as long as there isn't anything in it that they can climb and get out. Several hamsters are used for more than one line. Below are a couple of things to look for in your hamster breeder: If the primary motivation behind a hamster breeders business is monetary, turn and run the other way. Livestock Breeders Pet Services Veterinary Clinics & Hospitals. We are currently the only ethical hamstery in the Pacific Northwest and one of only a small handful on the west coast. Animal Friends in Pittsburgh, PA has pets available for adoption. Backyard breeders my not be breeding with the health or well being of the hamsters in mind. 2023 Beyond The Treat | About Us | Contact | Legal | an Inman Media company, 31 Tarantula Breeders with Tarantulas for Sale (2023), 51 Axolotl Breeders Near You with Axolotls for Sale (2023). They provide excellent care and respect to the hamsters they create while theyre in their care, and work to educate owners so that theyll take care of their hamsters post-purchase. New York Oregon Tennessee Washington _ Arizona Delaware Illinois Louisiana Minnesota Nevada North Carolina Pennsylvania Texas West Virginia _ Arkansas Florida Indiana Maine Mississippi New Hampshire North Dakota Rhode . Unethical breeders will try to make money while it is impossible to make a profit when breeding hamsters. Good hamster breeders will be able to show pictures and documents for parents, and will typically know all the jargon when it comes to breeding and genetics. Monday. Adding a business to Yelp is always free. A pedigreed hamster with a certificate of lineage, A hamster who comes from a long lineage selected for health, temperament and type (looks), A hamster whos been well fed and supplemented since conception, handled daily from a young age and is accustomed to family life, A hamster accustomed to using a sand bath/litter box, A care package containing one pound of lab blocks, treats your hamster likes and a sack to handle your hamster in that smells like home. Rust Long Haired RexBreeder:Happy Paws (Dinner Litter)Date of Birth: 02.20.2021Sire: Cheeks Pooh, Yellow LH RexDam:Cassie, Chocolate SH Banded, Chocolate Tort Banded Long HairBreeder: Cheeks and SqueaksDate of Birth: 05.18.2021Sire: Cheeks Pooh, Yellow Rex LHDam: Happy Paws Marigold, Chocolate Tortoiseshell Banded LH, Chocolate Dominant Spot Long HairBreeder: Happy Paws (Greek Gods Litter)Date of Birth: 06.28.2021Sire: Cheeks Spumoni, Rust DS LHDam: Chicki Minaj, Black Tortoiseshell LH, Silver Pearl Chocolate Short Hair RexBreeder: Cheeks and Squeaks (Mexican Food Litter)Date of Birth: 09.02.2021Sire: Rudolph, Silver Pearl Black SH RexDam: Cheeks Merengue, Rust Tortoiseshell LH, Black Tortoiseshell Long Hair RexBreeder: Happy Paws (Nuts Litter)Date of Birth: 10.24.2021Sire: Dot, Golden LH RexDam: Vixen, Yellow Black LH Rex, Golden Long HairedBreeder: Happy Paws (Chipmunks Litter)Date of Birth: 04.08.2020Sire: Arie, Yellow SHDam: Kiara, Golden Tortoiseshell LH, Golden Rex Long HairedBreeder: Happy Paws (A Bugs Life Litter)Date of Birth: 10.12.2020Sire:Cheeks Piglet, Yellow Black Rex LHDam:Poppy,Golden Rex LH, Silver Pearl Black Rex Short HairedBreeder: Cheeks and Squeaks (Reindeer Litter)Date of Birth: 10.26.2020Sire:Cheeks Sebastian, Silver PearlBlack Rex LHDam:Cheeks Roo,Golden Rex SH, Chocolate Long HairBreeder: Happy Paws (Flowers Litter)Date of Birth: 12.31.2020Sire:Stormy, Chocolate LHDam:Mimosa,Golden Tort Banded SH, Silver Grey Short Haired BandedBreeder: Happy Paws (Silver Litter)Date of Birth: 06.06.2020Sire:Rudolph, Silver PearlBlack Rex SHDam:Jasmine,Rust Banded SH, Golden Long HairedBreeder: Happy Paws (Vegas Hotels Litter)Date of Birth: 06.26.2020Sire:Alvin, GoldenLHDam:Candy Corn,Rust SH Rex, If you have decided that you want a hamster andyou are committedtofollow our suggestion in proper hamster care, Breeder: Cheeks and Squeaks (Mexican Food Litter), Breeder: Happy Paws (A Bugs Life Litter), Breeder: Cheeks and Squeaks (Reindeer Litter), Breeder: Happy Paws (Vegas Hotels Litter), If you have decided that you want a hamster and, follow our suggestion in proper hamster care. Hi, I live in South Lebanon Pennsylvania zip 17042 All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Selling 3 Chinese Dwarf Hamsters who are housed together. Your place to get Teddy Bear Hamsters, Dwarf Hamsters, Fancy Rats, Chinchillas and supplies. What did people search for similar to hamster breeder in Philadelphia, PA? Holmden Hill Haven - Hamsters My current breeding animals are pictured below (in no particular order) with their names and colors. They are young (about 6 months). Theyre really cute and love to playView Detail, Hi, im selling my cute, loving hamster to a great home! Our hamsters have been regularly handled and go home litter box trained, with a pedigree certificate, life-long support and a gift bag of items we feel will help with the transition. Pets and Animals Avon 2,011 $. Bethel Mill Animal Hospital. Home; . Pets Plus Natural 28 Pet Stores, Pet Adoption, Pet Groomers "other people with the same problem. 1631 E Passyunk Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19148. Hamsters can't climb on the water bottle. Working on taming them down . Our ethical hamstery breeds because we find the genetics . An ethical hamster breeder is a relatively loose term, but it essentially means a breeder that has all of the means and knowledge necessary to breed a hamster properly, and does just that. For my genotyping, I have included all the alleles except for Ruby Eyed (RuRu/ruru) and Piebald (SS/ss). This is a premier directory just getting off the ground. There are three white ones with red eyes and there is a brownish one. If the care requirements sound doable, click the button below for the adoption application. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This is because smaller-scale hamsters breeders usually, but not always, ethically produce hamsters that are well cared-for and healthy something that likely doesnt happen with big pet stores. Not only is it dangerous to mess with genetics like this, but its also ethically wrong! It is completely a hobby, not a job. You can find reputable breeders online through different websites, such as Hamster Central. Ethical breeders are registered with the hamster association in their country. People also searched for these in Philadelphia: See more hamster breeder in Philadelphia. Wait List We currently have a wait list, and new applicants will be adopting in approximately 3-5 months. Recommended Wheels. This means that a female should only be bred twice,maybethree times, and each litter should be genetically different from the others. Hubba-Hubba HamsteryOwned by life-long hamster enthusiasts, Hubba Hubba Hamsterys hamsters have been regularly handled and go home litter box trained, with a pedigree certificate, life-long support, and a gift bag of items to help with the transition. Here's what you get: A pedigreed hamster with a certificate of lineage. Saucer / Treadmill Wheels. Domestic Short Hair - Hamster - Small - Adult - Male - Cat Poppy Bee HamsteryPoppy Bee Hamstery has a 2-3 month waitlist for their hamsters, and its clear why that is! We aim to provide up-to-date care information. To Check Out The Person That You May Give Or Free With Condition. Breeders will never admit to using pet store hamsters in their lines. They are great fuzzy.. All our hamsters have a wheel that has at least 10 inch diameter and lots of toys for stimulation. We serve Residential & Commercial Customers in Bucks, From Business: Sony PlayStation (play stations) $200 Sugar gliders (sugargliders sugarglider sugar glider) $200 Hedge hogs (hedge hog hedgehogs hedgehog) for sale $160 w/cage, From Business: Reginamur is The International Cat Association registered cattery. I use Breeder's Assistant for Hamsters by Tenset Technologies for all my record keeping and pedigrees. Right now i cannot afford to t.. To be added to the wait list please read the care section of this website. These factors are similar to those you might use to determine which business to select from a local Yellow Pages directory, including proximity to where you are searching, expertise in the specific services or products you need, and comprehensive business information to help evaluate a business's suitability for you. Find your new pet Visit ourlist of available pets. What a wonderful experience! They arent cheap, usually at least $50, but totally worth every penny! This should never be the case. You can fill out an adoption application online on our official website.Fill out an Adoption Application Purchasing, Merchandising and Procurement, Pennsylvania Tickets & Traveling for sale, Pennsylvania boston terrier puppies for sale. I have 5 different litters of Syrian hamsters available..These are pets only! Beyond The Treat is an educational website that promotes happy and healthy pet ownership. Winterbell HamsteryLocated in Knoxville, Winterbell Hamstery strives to ethically breed healthy, happy, & friendly Syrian & Campbells Russian dwarf hamsters that conform to the National Hamster Councils show standards & to the IHANA breeders code of ethics. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Clicking on any of those photos will also open the second window with more information about that hamster. Hillcrest HamsteryA small but long-standing Missouri hamster breeder that posts their hamsters, both pet and for sale, on their Facebook page. Among the most common types are Syrian hamster breeders, Chinese hamster breeders, and Dwarf hamster breeders (many kinds)! Many times the likelihood of some recessive alleles being present is very slim but without having actually test bred to identify if it's there or not, I will not assume anything. Pennsylvania "The Keystone State" - State Capital Harrisburg. Essentially, a hamster breeder shouldnt be overbreeding; they should only breed as many hamsters as needed. Each of us are here for a different . I begin contacting adopters 2-3 weeks before the pups are ready to go home to confirm supplies.
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